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Using MS Outlook

I would like to use MS Outlook to access my emails.
I can have a dellnet email address, but if I do that can I use my MS Outlook access it, and if so how.
Someone told me that I could not, as dellnet email does not support POP3.
What is POP3?
Does anyne recommend a good free email service provider, that has POP3 support.

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Yahoo provides POP e-mail access... your e-mail will be I find it very convenient because Yahoo e-mail also provides free forwarding in the event something changes like Internet Service Providers (if you want to use their e-mail server), Jobs, etc. and want to set up a new e-mail account... yahoo will forward your e-mail to the new account. Even though other things change, you will able to keep the same e-mail.
Dell Technologies

Refer to the following Dell Knowledge Base article, which appears to address this situation -

How Do I Manually Configure My Dellnet™ E-mail Service? <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

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