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Using MoBo sound card (Sigma tell audio) and PCI card indpendantly

I have a very old Dell e521 and am running a NVida GTX8600 with the extra Molex connector running the extra juice. I say that since it's the only real upgrade worth mentioning.

Well I have an onld PCI SB Live sound card installed and working independently from the mobo sound card. Currently the mobo sound card runs my headset for my VOiP softphone and the PCI card runs the rest of the sounds (games, movies,  when the phone rings etc...)Everything will run fine most of the time.

The problem I am experiencing right now is that every once in a while the speakers will get this scratchy sound very high in volume. You can still hear the actual sounds under the noise. After closing the program it will go back to normal. My thought is the GRFx card is giving off too much heat and that's causing something to happen, or (because the PSU is so small at 305W) when the grafix card is pushed it cause power spike.

As you can probably tell I'm very much a novice in these things but can understand most of the principles behind it all. If anyone has some input I would greatly appreciate it.

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Re: Using MoBo sound card (Sigma tell audio) and PCI card indpendantly

"Educated guess" is that the two sound devices are conflicting.  You can only have one sound card (or integrated sound) for each sound type. 

Normally, you have one other the other.  If you have a separate sound card then you disable the Integrated Audio in the BIOS.  The only problem with the added sound card is that the front panel headphone and mic connections will not work and you would have to use the rear mic and Line Out connections for your VOIP. 

Personally, I would just use the Integrated Audio and not use the PCI sound card, as the Integrated audio is as good (or better) than the old SoundBlaster sound card. 

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