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Video Card and Bios password wont reset

So I got my video card today (GT GeForce 730 evga), and went to install it into computer (dell inspiron 660). I did so, and upon trying to use it it doesnt work. Doesnt show up in device manager etc etc. 

I figured out I needed to go to bios to disable onboard and enable the video card there but the bios is locked with a password. I cant figure it out, so I went to the CMOSCLR jumper and jumped it. I also tried removing the cmos battery but nothing.

Any help is appreciated, I just want to use the card. 

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RE: Video Card and Bios password wont reset


For any BIOS Password reset query do contact your local dell technical support and they will assist you to get this issue sorted.


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RE: Video Card and Bios password wont reset

You used the wrong jumper to reset the BIOS password.

All you did was reset BIOS to its default settings with the other jumper. So you may get some error messages when you boot, if the defaults aren't correct for your system's configuration.  emoticon.Surprise.title

You need to use Password reset jumper (PSWDCLR1), #16 in the diagram on page 14 of the 660 manual, here.


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