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Video Drivers for Win7 Update

Updated my XPS Gen 2 desktop  from XP Home Edition to Windows 7 Home Premium.

When I enter the Service Tag the only drivers I can access are XP and these do not provide the correct resolution.

How do I get access to the updated video drivers.

If I download from Nvidea  the driver package will not install.


Any help will be appreciated.




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Re: Video Drivers for Win7 Update

Check the windows 7 updates to see if one is pushed to you. You can force the updates by going to control panel, windows update, check for updates now.

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Re: Video Drivers for Win7 Update

I upgraded my Dell XPS Gen 2 to Windows 7 and my advice is to use the Windows 7 nvidia video driver.  The Dell XP driver will not allow you to run aero either, but I was able to get the higher resolution.  The Windows 7 video driver is much faster and just run windows update to get it -- it will be listed as an optional windows hardware update.  It worked perfectly in my case and believe it is much faster with the Windows 7 video driver.  The Dell video driver is way too slow.

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