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Video card for my Optiplex GX620SFF

I have a Dell Optiplex GX620 SFF, Pentium 4 3,000ghz, 500gb hdd, 19" all-in-one stand monitor, Windows XP Pro. I am not a gamer but, would like to install a video/graphics card for video viewing, etc. My power supply is original from dell and from what I understand it is probably only 275w. What would be a good card for me, especially given the fact it is a SFF, I am limited to "half-height" cards. Any suggestions.....................

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Re: Video card for my Optiplex GX620SFF

Hi Your system specks for your desktop are HERE. It says you have an PCIe slot on your mobo for your graphics card. With that in mind, then I would recommend these 2 cards. The first being the 4550 HERE, and the 4650 HERE. Your PSU will handle these cards.


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