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Video card replacement.

Good Afternoon!! I have a XPS 410 and the video card is out,it came with a nvidia geforce 8300GS.My cuestion is can I  replace said card  with a nvidia geforce 210(sxg2101024d2-nm) or Dell nvidia 256 MBQuadro fx3450 PCI-E video card T9099 REV A04

Thanks for your help!!

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RE: Video card replacement.

The 375w power supply will be fine to run those video cards.

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RE: Video card replacement.

There are no issues with those working in your system HOWEVER they are both so old as to be legacy and no longer supported by NVIDIA.  The latest and greatest drivers DO NOT WORK on legacy cards that support has been dropped for.  EOL means END OF LIFE   EOS means END OF SUPPORT.



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