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Video performance test subscore 5.5 on just delivered XPS 8900 NVIDIA GeForce GT 730?

I just received and set up with latest Dell and Windows updates my XPS 8900.  8GB RAM, 64 bit, i5-6400 CPU with NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 w/ 2gb dedicated graphics memory and a total of 4GB available graphics memory, running WIN 7 Pro.  

I ran the windows performance score program and was very disappointed with the results.  Processor and memory scores were upper 7 but the graphics was 5.5 and the 1TB hard drive was 5.9.  My 2 year old Dell 8700 has much higher scores.  Something is wrong I fear.

This seems low to me.  Does anyone know if these mediocre scores are to be expected on this system?

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