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Vostro 200 Slim - very noisy TOP fan

I have a two-month old Vostro 200 Slim which is WAY noisier than my Vostro 200 Mini.

I've worked out that it's the TOP fan which is making the whiring noise. According to SpeedFan it's running at 1740rpm (even with no load). I'm sure I've seen other owners report half this speed. Can anyone confirm?

(I'm running in a cold room, btw)

I'm running the latest bios (.15), so what are my options? Return the machine?

Any help appreciated!

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Re: Vostro 200 Slim - very noisy TOP fan

here's the cure to stop the all time( fustrating/extremely annoying ) noise from your dell vostro 200 slim tower.perform a do-it-yourself fan unit replacement.you only need to replace the (top) cooling fan with this model:


where to buy? here the site:


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happy computing! (with less of the whirling noise)










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Re: Vostro 200 Slim - very noisy TOP fan

Hi Wozza

I am sure you have fixed your fan problem by now but for others - my vostro is about 1 year old now and the fan seemed to be always on full blast. 

I removed the cover and carefully cleaned the dust away.

Cleaned the CPU Heatsink fan - was filthy, the case fan not as bad.

Quick squirt of WD40 in the case fan only (decided not to play around with the CPU heatsink fan) and all is now bearable again.

Good old fashioned Dirt causing the problem.  According to Speedfan.exe the Core 0 and Core 1 temperatures are now running a bit cooler too.

Good Luck

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