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Vostro 200 shuts down when trying to enter into S3 sleep (only works if set to S1)

Have a Vostro 200 slim tower, latest BIOS (1.0.16). Running a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, all drivers updated. The computer exhibits the following behavior:

- If the BIOS is set for sleep in S1, the Windows Start button will show both sleep and hibernate options. Both work fine. When entering sleep, the fan remains on, power light flashes blue.

- If the BIOS is set to S3, which I understand is a "deeper" state of sleep, the Windows Start button will show only the sleep option (even though the Power control panel still allows setting a hibernate timer). However, as soon as I tell it to sleep, the computer shuts down entirely. The power light is off. If I push the power button again, it flashes orange briefly, fan turns on briefly, and then everything is off again. Only by repeatedly pushing the power button do I get the computer to turn on. Windows then displays the "did not shut down properly" message. (This does NOT happen following a normal shutdown, i.e. the computer turns on upon first press of the power button.)

This is my parents' computer, I help maintain it when I'm at their house so I'm not sure how long this has been going on. However, I noticed the same behavior when Windows 7 32-bit was installed. I recall that a few years ago, at least, this computer could sleep in S3, in which case the power light flashed orange.

Anyone encounter anything similar or have suggestions? Already tried Standby Tool, did not make a difference.

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