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Vostro 230 Compatible RAM

Since the thread I was posting this in originally was closed, I'm starting a new one as suggested by the person who closed the thread.

According to Dell, the Vostro 230 desktop only supports 4GB (2x2GB) of DDR3 RAM. The purpose of this post is to list 4GB sticks (with model/part numbers) that I have personally tested to work in a Vostro 230 desktop. I will keep the Vostro 230 I have on hand and update the list periodically as I test more RAM.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that the RAM that worked in my Vostro will work in others, due to different motherboard revisions and BIOS. This is intended to give people a pool of information to help determine what works and what doesn't.

Original post (now locked): http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/desktop/f/3514/p/19451189/20750095#20750095

Test Machine:

Vostro 230 Desktop

Motherboard P/N: 7N90W

BIOS: 1.2.0

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7500

Tested/Compatible RAM:

AOC, 4GB, PC3-10600U, 1333MHz, 16 chips, AA1333D3N9/4G 

Corsair XMS3, 4GB, PC3-10600U, 1333MHz, 16 chips, CMX4GX3M1A1333C9

Crucial, 4GB, PC3-10600U, 1333MHz, 16 chips, CT51264BA1339.C16FER2

Hynix, 4GB, PC3-10600U, 1333MHz, 16 chips, HMT351U6BFR8C-H9 N0 AA

Micron, 4GB, PC3-10600U, 1333MHz, 16 chips, MT16JTF51264AZ-1G4D1

Micron, 4GB, PC3-10600U, 1333MHz, 16 chips, MT16JTF51264AZ-1G4M1

Samsung, 4GB, PC3-10600U, 1333MHz, 16 chips, M378B5273CH0-CH9

Incompatible RAM:

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RE: Vostro 230 Compatible RAM

Thanks for this list.  I have been having trouble getting some of my Vostro 230 PCs to accept 2x4 GB.

I have had success with  the following:

GSkill, 2x4GB, PC3 10666, 1333MHz, (?) chips, F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL

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RE: Vostro 230 Compatible RAM


Looking for help.

I have 2 Vostro 230  - year 2010
- Celeron processor.
- Initially installed 1G, 1333M
- BIOS Ver upgrade to 1.4.0

 And i can not upgrade memory to 2GB. 

I have GSkill, 2x2GB, PC3 10666, DDR3 - 1333MHz. CL9-9-9-24  1.5V

I do not know what to do ? If you have an idea please ?

Thank you.

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RE: Vostro 230 Compatible RAM

Thanks so much for this information!!  I have a Vostro 230 that I am still using as my everyday Desktop. I Upgraded to Windows 10, and shortly after that bumped the RAM from the standard 2GB it came with to 4GB. While researching recently about trying to squeeze a little extra life out of the machine, I came across this thread. I have now upgraded the CPU to the Q9550 Core 2 Quad, and just upgraded to 8GB (Samsung) RAM listed above. Boy what a difference, Feels like a totally new setup!


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