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Vostro 460 Audio Drivers

The computers come with windows 7 and we are not at the point where we are going to start deploying 7 (don’t ask we just aren’t ready yet) any way after installing the windows XP Pro on the computer the drivers are not that easy to locate buy I found all but the Audio drivers. I chatted with dell and they were helpful but still no drivers. Long story short I forced drivers on and they don’t work. I have tried realtek and creative labs drivers and still nothing.

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Re: Vostro 460 Audio Drivers

The Vista/Win 7 drivers are not compatible with XP due to how the operating systems handle some sound functions

Also, due to Vendor implementation of the sound chip, Non vendor drivers (in this case Dell) will either not work or not work correctly.

If you have the Integrated (on the motherboard) it requires RealTek drivers.  The SoundBlaster drivers are only if the optional SoundBlaster sound card was ordered with the PC. 

Best suggestion, if you need sound, is to install a PCI express sound card that is XP compatible or a USB connected sound "card" that is XP compatible.

HERE is a PCIeX1  Soundblaster that is XP (and Win 7) compatible.

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