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Vostro MT 260 desktop making a horrible high pitched noise.

Hi, I have a Vostro MT 260 desktop. It is about 1 month old. Since day one this unit has been making a horrible high pitched noise. Not sure what to do.


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Re: Vostro MT 260 desktop making a horrible high pitched noise.

With a new system, its best to contact Dell, as only Dell can get any hardware problem (such as a bad fan) corrected under warranty.

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Re: Vostro MT 260 desktop making a horrible high pitched noise.

Hi ,

Welcome to Dell community forums.

I am sorry to read that you are having the problem with the Unit noise. First of all you will have to know what is causing that noise.  There are few possibilities from where we can determine the cause of noise:

1) The fan could be making high pitched noise. This is one of the few moving parts of the computer (along with the hard disk drive and the CD or DVD drive). A failing fan could make noise. Put your ear to the output of the fan and try and determine if the sound comes from there.

2) If you have a CD or DVD in a drive when you boot, and the drive is noisy, the noise may be the CD or DVD drive spinning. Optical drives spin while booting if they have a disk in them, and when Windows first starts up, and the led on the drive doesn't necessarily light up when they do spin, and they may spin for some time after Windows loads as well before they stop spinning.

3) And now the hard disks drive. Find the hard disk drive and put your ear to it to try and determine if it is the source.

Now: if you think the sound is in fact coming from the hard disk drive, kindly run the Dell Diagnostics.

In Order to Run the Dell Diagnostics, kindly click on the below mentioned URL to get the instructions on How to run the PSA Diagnostics , and an Error Code list with Possible solutions:

*In case the PSA diagnostics pass follow the below mentioned steps:

a) First check the air cooling vents and make sure that the passages are not clogged with lint and other stuff.

b) Boot in "safe mode". As it starts up press F8, the computer asks you if you'd like to start in safe mode. Highlight "safe mode" and press enter. See if your computer works normal.

c) Update the Bios Of your computer by clicking on the URL which is mentioned below. By flashing the bios, you can change the temp/rpm at which the fans operate :


Please reply in case you have any questions.

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