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Re: Want to run Vista 64bit

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I would study the Vista 64bit thread under XPS Desktops.  Sometimes you need to quote the correct policy bulletin to Dell Customer Service to get the 64-bit disks.  Some Techs know about the policy of swapping Operating Systems and getting the disks is very easy.  Some resist with ALL kinds of excuses and reasons why they cannot (I think they only read the first part of the policy) send you the disk.  Once they (or their supervisor) read the whole policy, they usually will dispatch the disks.  If they continue to give you the runaround, check about PMing Community Forum Liason Chris_M to have him arrange for the dispatch.  He (And BillB) have been AMAZING at getting 64bit disks shipped to customers.


I would agree with Chris M helping to acquire the Dell x64 disk. I am not totally sure, but I think I read somewhere, probably here, that this was only available for Dell US customers and it was Vista Ultimate x64.


I made my request to Chris M a while back and received the DVD within days.


I want to thank Chris M for this, since without his assistance, this would not have been possible.


I installed the x64 version without performing a reformat and I did not get the results I expected.


I later learned that the x64 bit version requires a reformat and fresh install in order to work properly. I did this and it did seem to work as designed after the x64 drivers were installed.


Since I had hardware issues with my original system, Dell exchanged the system and the new one came with x32 bit Home Premium, as the original.


I did not go back to x64 since I saw no performace gain and most of my software ran in x32 bit mode.


Hope this helps.


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Re: Want to run Vista 64bit

Hi Zrtom & Hans

I have bothered Chris_M with a pm

Looks like only US customer, always gets me why Aussies must be second rate customers to Dell!

I endup buying a copy of Vista UL 64 bit, not really getting anywhere with Dell here!

Thanks for all your help!

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Re: Want to run Vista 64bit

Sames goes to ME. In malaysia. tried to get TECH support for O/s swap. no idea when i'm getting it.
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Re: Want to run Vista 64bit

We can juts hope then 🙂


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