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Warranty Question

I just bought an Alienware x51 gaming PC and it should be arriving tomorrow via FedEx and I didn't buy any extended warranty on the system. Could I still buy extended warranty on the PC I've purchased even though it's already shipped?

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RE: Warranty Question

Hi Zombies8mygf,

Yes, I guarantee you will have no shortage of opportunities to buy an extended warranty. 

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Mary G
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RE: Warranty Question

You really need to buy the extended warranty when you configure it. That is the cheapest way. Now you will pay a lot extra to extend it. Most computer hardware that fails does so during the first months or first year. I would skip it, but you decide. Desktops are easy to work on to replace parts yourself.

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RE: Warranty Question

Hello Zombies8MyGF,

As Osprey has said, you can definitely extend the warranty. Please refer to the article on Extend Your Warranty by Dell Support. 

Hope this helps!

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Allan D
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