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Warranty and support

We don’t have a general support/service forum so I am posting this here. I have a XPS 720 Desktop.


I have an issue with fan noise, looks like it is on one of my NVIDIA 8800 GTX. Support say they are going to replace it. Then they ring me back and tell me it is an issue with my H2C cooling unit. Supposedly the cooling unit is telling the fan on the video card to speed up. Now they have not had anyone look at my card, they have worked this out on the basis of previous experience with this problem.


So now the answer is to replace my system. I won’t get charged for this as long as I don’t increase my systems specs. That’s fine for memory and hard drives but what about my graphics cards and such; they don’t even supply my cards in the models in the shop any more? It seems Dell are using this as an opportunity to get more money out of me. They could just come round with a card and try it out and see but they are resisting this,


Anyone else had issues like this; we pay for a warranty, not a sales pitch when we phone up?

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Re: Warranty and support

Any ideas at all guys, or where I should post this?

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Re: Warranty and support

If you are trying to contact someone from Dell the forum is not the place - this is a users helping users forum. 

We can't say what Dell will or will not do directly.  However, if you read the fine print on the warranty, they can repair or replace at their option and they can replace with new or refurbished.  But, this is fairly common in the industry, not just Dell.

The diagnosis may be incorrect but unless you want to decline any service and have it serviced locally you will have to go along with Dell support. 

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