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Warranty changed MB, do they change cmos battery?


I just had my motherboard changed by warranty last month because my audio was getting weaker and weaker.  (I had a 5-year warranty on my XPS410.)

The sound is much better now, but I noticed something else.

When the sound was bad, before the motherboard was changed, the time was off by 2 minutes and getting worse.

Now that the motherboard is changed, the time is accurate.

Could the reason for the new accuracy in time be because the CMOS battery was changed when the motherboard was changed?


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Yes you are right, problems with delayed System Clock is caused by a faulty motherboard or CMOS Batt. If one fails (Motherboard or CMOS Batt) Computer might not function well. Good thing Motherboard replacement resolved 2 problems. Let me know if you need further assistance.


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