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Weird lighting issues on P2414Hb monitor

Does anyone know of a fix for this weird "spotlight" issue (light spots at bottom of monitor), or something I can try? It's really bad when I turn down the brightness (I usually have it a lot darker) but turning up the brightness still doesn't help that much. I updated the driver, swapped out the dvi and power cables, and rebooted.


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RE: Weird lighting issues on P2414Hb monitor

The Brightness and Contrast should be returned to the manufacturer defaults =
* Press the Menu button to open the OSD (On Screen Display)
* Go to Other Settings
* Choose Factory Reset- Reset All Settings
* Go to Brightness/Contrast
- They should be at 75/75
* Go to Color Settings
- Input Color Format should be RGB
- Preset Modes should be Standard
- Image Enhance should be Off
* Exit the OSD and retest

Any Brightness and Contrast changes should be done via the video card driver control panel.

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