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What is the USB connector of a monitor for?

Hi, all. Just a simple question.

What is the USB connector of a monitor for?


My monitor is P1917S.  And it has an USB connector.

Video Card:Nvidia GTX1050Ti

Video driver is the newest 376.33

I didn't install the official monitor driver.   Just install windows 10 and motherboard driver.

The monitor has some tweak options .

Reponse time set to fast will cause a weird image problem. While i was browsing an image (2000x3000 pixel),  magnifying and then moving the sliding bar of a single image for checking details, it is also showing weird colors( like the affect of gamma set too high). It only happens while browsing an image. if an image is in stasis, that is, if i don't "move" an image, it is fine.

Reponse time default is normal.

In order to fix the problem. I try the default. And it is almost normal but there was still a problem.

Well, It happened one time before

When i closed a windows in a game "EVE Online", there was a part of the window still remaining in the game.

I need to re-opened the window and then closed it to make it completely gone.

So, do i need to connect the additional USB connector or install monitor driver?

What is the USB connector of a monitor for?

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RE: What is the USB connector of a monitor for?

The USB connector is simply a USB hub - you connect the B connector (square one) to a USB port on your system (the upstream connection) and the monitor's hub then allows connection of other devices to the downstream ports on the monitor.

It has nothing to do with the operation of the monitor itself - it simply acts as a USB hub.

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