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When delete a certain directory, get Gen. Protection Errors!

I have a week old Dell Dimension 4100 computer with Windows ME. Yesterday I tried to install my HP 5100C scanner and ran into some troubles. The first time I tried to install the PrecisionScan software, the installation wasn't complete so I deleted the program using the Uninstall executable and also the Add/Delete Programs button. For some reason, the software did not uninstall completely. So, I tried to delete the "Hpscan" directory that I created within the My Computer window, but everytime I tried to highlight the directory I would get the blue screen telling me that I was missing the following files: 0E 0028 F000E2C3, 0D 0246 016747FB and 0D 0963 0167268B. Sometimes I couldn't get back into Windows and I would get a white screen with the "Explorer caused a general protection fault" message and made reference to Module krnl386.exe and kernal32 files". When this would happen, I had to reboot the machine.

So, since I was having so much trouble deleting the directory in Windows, I decided to do it the old fashion way and use MS-DOS. I was able to delete all the subdirectories within my HPScan directory without any trouble, but whenever I tried to delete the HPscan directory (using the rmdir command), the command acted like it did it (no error message), but whenever I did the "dir" command, I could still see the HPScan directory in the list. Whenever I used the deltree command, I got the same blue screen message as noted above. If I use the rename command, then I would get a pop up window saying that "This program has preformed an illegal operation and will be terminated. Quit all programs and restart your computer." Whenever I hit the "Details", it said "The program encountered an invalid page exception. Fault location: 0028 F000E2C3 Interrupts in service: none". So, there is something within this directory that won't allow me to delete it and whenever I try, I get general protection fault errors. How in the world do I delete the directory and what should I do to prevent this from happening again? Is this a WinME problem??

P.S. I finally got the scanner to install and the computer to recognize it, but whenever I open up the software, the machine starts acting very sluggish and a red icon then appears over the scanner icon in the task bar. I have to use the ALT-CNT-DEL and kill the scanning software via "End Task". If anyone has suggestions on what to do about this, it would be appreciated. (Yes, I downloaded the WinME patch for our scanner and installed it, but we are still having this trouble.) Looking at the device manager, I do not see the scanner in any conflict with other devices.


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Re: When delete a certain directory, get Gen. Protection Errors!

With all due respect, you're working awfully hard here.  

I don't see a WinMe driver package listed here for that scanner:

So are you using the Win98 software drivers or XP drivers (with a WinMe patch)?

I'd disconnect the scanner and attempt to run a Windows system restore before the install - although given all the directories manipulation it may likely do no good.

If the restore does work, I'd try the opposite software driver of whatever you used on this install (ie: I'd try the XP software if you've been using Win98 or vice versa).

HP imaging software can be [AMIN NOTE: Post Edited per TOU Violation] in and of itself.  And now you're putting it on top of WinMe.

Good luck.

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