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Which is faster XPS9100 or T5500?

My Studio XPS 9100, used as my home computer, is failing to boot periodically.  It was giving me a BSOD in Win7 and I'm getting it again in Windows10.  I just replaced the CMOS battery, and while that may have fixed it, I have the option of replacing this computer with one from work at no cost.  The rub is moving over my recently upgraded  2TB disc to the T5500.  Also, the T5500 spec says it is SATA 3Gb/S, while the 9100 has a controller listed as SATA 6Gb/S.  The 9100 is Windows 10 Home and the T5500 is Windows 7 Pro.
Can someone tell me which computer will be better/faster for my needs?  Besides light work (Word, Email, surfing, etc.) I use the machine for photo (and occasional video) editing in Lightroom and in other photo software. I shoot in raw and this seems to be the most demanding of the processes that I use the computer for.  The T5500 is supposed to be a fast machine, but I don't believe I can just look at the CPU clock speed to figure out which is fastest.  I also assume I can move the video card from the 9100 over to the T5500 as I think the card in the 9100 is faster.  Would greatly appreciate any insights as to whether the T5500 will be vastly superior, as keeping the 9100 is certainly the easier path assuming I now having it booting without issues.  Getting the T5500 might mean a fresh install of Windows and other headaches.
Many thanks for any thoughts on this!
 Here are some critical specs of the two machines as I know them from Service Tag info.
XPS9100: Processor, I7-930, 2.8Ghz, 8MB, Bloomfield, D0
Video card: AMD Radeon HD 5670
8 GB ram
T5500:  Quad core xenon Processor: E5606, 2.13/4.8, 8MB, XWM, B1
Video Card: Nvidia NVS 420
8 Gb ram
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RE: Which is faster XPS9100 or T5500?

Hi Bob,

I have the xps 9100 like yours and was wondering what you decided to do.  I haven't installed Windows 10 on mine yet and was wondering if your xps 9100 is working okay with Windows 10.

I also use mine for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Raw files.

Currently its Windows 7 Pro.

I have the same processor with a AMD Radeon HD 5770

Should I install Windows 10 or not.  Don't want to blow it up and it is working fine with Windows 7 but updates are no longer installing as it is waiting for me to download Windows 10.

Thanks for any info.... 

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