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Will either the ATI Radeon X300 SE or X300 work on a Dell 4700 ?

I just ordered a refurbished 4700 with the integrated onboard video.

I am planning on getting a Dell Ultrasharp 19" 1905FP LCD monitor and would like to get a video card w/ DVI.

I'm a loser because compared to many others who want to upgrade to a good 3D video card (6600gt, x700, 6800gt, x800)... I don't play any games; so I just want something that will work well w/ a LCD and will be relatively cheap... I just want DVI capability.

Since Dell offers it in their new systems, should I try to get a used ATI Radeon X300 SE, OR could I get a regular 128 bit ATI X300 ? I read somewhere that the X300 is better/faster than the SE version (128 bit vs. 64 bit) and on ebay, the price for either one is similar... So can anybody tell me if the X300 will work on a 4700 w/o all the bootup, blank screen, freeze, hang, bios, and overheating problems I've been reading others have faced with other PCI Express cards? Or should I stick with the X300 SE version?

Thanks in advance.

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I have an 8400 with the x300se and it works great watching movies on my 17inch lcd. It or the x300 would work great for what you want. It's not what you want if you are in to gaming, although I play Half Life 2 on it I get low framerates. The card will work on your 4700, assuming you have the PCI-Express x16 slot. I would go with the 128 bit though, mine is 64.

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