Windows 10 good music poor voice playback

Dell i660 booting from Solid State Driv, Windows 10 64 bit Home, Cyber Acoustic 3602 speakers (left right and sub woofer)

I recently replaced my computer speakers (but not the sub woofer) and had trouble getting one to play, after trying many things both speakers now play stereo music fine. However, my voice volume on those speakers is now very poor for DVDs (Power DVD 16 software), computer games, and even on my web browser, Mozilla Firefox. But music plays fine.

I have checked my sound drivers for high definition audio device with Windows 10, it is up to date, and I have checked device properties. I have also checked via Dell support for all of my computer drivers and they are up to date. The voice volume on my movies (played with Power DVD 16) is very poor and sounds like it is at the back of a cave, i.e. hollow and echoey.. When I do Windows 10 troubleshooting it can not find anything wrong. Music plays fine at a reasonable level, voice is very weak at the same speaker volume settings. I have this problem even when I am NOT playing DVD movies.

i upgraded to Windows 10 64 bit Home (from Windows 7) in May 2016 and I had the original speakers from Nov 2015 (Cyber Acoustics 3602 speakers stereo (left and right) with sub woofer). It is only recently that I have had this problem. For a year or so they worked fine for both music and voice for playing movies and games. I can not figure out how to solve this problem, or how to reset voice volume compared to music volume. Cyber Acoustics suggested it was a properties or driver problem, and to try contacting manufacturer, i.e. you (Dell Computers).

The Dell i660 was bought at Staples in Dec 2013.

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RE: Windows 10 good music poor voice playback

* Assuming that you have the Inspiron 660 Desktop?
* And that the speakers are plugged into the rear green audio out jack?
* If yes, did you disconnect the speakers from the rear green audio out jack and plug headphones into that port and retest to see if the headphones also had the issue?

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