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Windows 7 not Genuine

I have a Dell Desktop which was loaded with Windows Vista. My virus attacked my system several or more months ago and was loaded with Windows 7 premium. About a weeek ago here in November, 2011; A message is on the lower right hand side of my screen indicating that "Windows 7 Build 7601- This copy of Windows is not genuine". If anyone can help me out and give me some sound advice on what to do, I'd realy appreciate it. Thanks Support Team. 

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This is not a Dell issue.  You need to talk to Microsoft about that.


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This copy of Windows is not genuine

That message appears when Windows is not properly activated. Check if Windows is not properly activated; if not, you can bring up the activation form and activate over the 1-800 line.

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This message usually appears if your installation of Windows 7 that is not 'Genuine' (a pirated copy) that was originally activated using a hack such as "Windows 7 Loader" of which earlier versions that once worked can now be detected by the Windows Activation Tool (aka WAT) that may have recently been installed on your computer via Windows update.  Or it may appear because of Windows 7 having been installed as an 'upgrade' to Windows Vista and in the process has left you with an unstable version of Windows 7.  If you know the copy of windows to be legitimate then you should be able to click on the icon of the yellow shield that appears in the lower right hand corner of your screen and follow the prompts to activate Windows via the Internet using the Product Key that appears in the Windows Certificate of Authenticity that is affixed to your computer.  If you didn't install the copy of Windows 7 but was done by a repair shop it is very likely that it is indeed not genuine.  In this case you should discuss the issue with the vendor that installed it for you.  You could eliminate the message with a more recent version of "Windows 7 Loader" that is available for download all over the web but that would not be legal and could potentially infect your computer with malware.

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