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Windows XP Home install

I have Vostro 200 #<ADMIN NOTE:Service tag removed per privacy policy>

It has XP Home COA

When I install XP Home (legit, not CDR) and use the key on the computer, it was invalid.

What could be wrong?

On the Cd is said XP home and so as the sticker.  I used the key from the cd and it work, but I don't want to use that because I have it on other one.

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If the disk is not a Dell disk you will get this error. Order a replacement disk from Dell here--  You must be the original owner and be in the US.

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Hi Nautman,

You cannot use a retail XP disc with a Dell (OEM) key. It is possible to create a slipstreamed XP disc and change the code from retail to OEM. Some careful searching will find you an answer.

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If you have the product key for the retail disc, you can enter it for the install (but do not activate). Once the installation is complete, you can use the Microsoft product key utility to change the product key to the one assigned to your Dell and activate it.

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There are several product key schemes for Windows XP and not all schemes are compatible with all Windows XP CDs.

For example, a retail edition of Windows XP requires a retail edition product code, an OEM edition of Windows XP requires an OEM product key.  Additionally there are versions of XP as you noted where the same, and there was a second type of product key that were used after Microsoft run out of keys for the original product key scheme.  If you reinstalled from a Dell OEM Windows XP CD then you would not be challenged to enter a product key at all.  If you no longer have your Dell OEM Windows XP CD then you could either purchase one on Ebay or if you are or know the original purchaser of your system and have not requested replacement CDs from Dell before and you are in the USA then you can order a set of replacement recovery CDs for free from this page:

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