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Windows killed 1394 Firewire connection?

A brand new computer with Windows 7 Vista Ult 64 bit, in December upgraded to Windows 7 Ult 64 bit . Everything worked fine except for the firewire connection. Right from the clean installation it went wrong. Backup using firewire  caused the computer locking up, BSD’s and loads of errors. I found/find  3 drivers in the device-manager:

a-      1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller

b-      1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (old version)

c-       VIA 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller

Nr a,  lockes up the computer, the backup on the external drive freezes after 30 seconds causing critical errors

Nr c, works at a speed of 50% of the USB connection ( 10MB and far to slow) and causes a load of warnings ID51 (reporting the external drive as damaged which it  isn’t)

Nr b, choosing the old one helped to solve all the problems temporarily, I could backup  at a high speed using firewire, till this week ….as the Windows Updates spoiled the fun.

Today I tested the drivers and the result..Nr’s a and b: lock up the computer,  session not started , error 0x000000D and nr.c, backup succeeded  at very low speed and with a load of ID 51 errors.

Did Windows kill the firewire again? And what to do to solve this because I would like to use the firewire connection, please?

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Re: Windows killed 1394 Firewire connection?

I got a suggestion to de-install the existing driver in the device manager and let windows scan for the best one..  Scanned for the best driver. The computer kept installing the VIA one and that is the one causing the load of errors and warnings. I de-installed the VIA one and forced back to the old one. As I did a couple of weeks ago. Despite all the problems I had yesterday, now everything works as planned . Still not satisfied with the speed 20 MB p.s. similar to the USB speed. But it works again using the old one (against all odds) Very intriguing ….


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