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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KM632 media keys not working!

Had this keyboard with my Inspiron One 2330. It worked fine until Installation of Windows 10 messed up my computer. The computer was fixed thanks to Dell but the keyboard media keys (Play, skip forward and skip back) have stopped working. It isn't a major issue but use them a lot for skipping music tracks.

Please can someone advise me on how I can fix this problem. Have searched google but have yet to find a solution to my problem.

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RE: Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KM632 media keys not working!

In Win 10:

  1. Click to START>Settings
  2. Search for "services" (without the quotes) on Settings screen
  3. Click Local Services on the list that appears
  4. Look for Human Interface Device Service on next list
  5. Double-click HID Service and confirm it's set to Automatic start.
  6. If already set to Automatic, confirm that it has started.
  7. Otherwise, set to Automatic, exit and reboot
  8. See if those keys work now...


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