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Won't start XPS 410

Dell XPS 410 will not start. Changed the cord, checked the outlet and still get nothing. No lights, nothing at all.

I have been looking for new power supply unit model # L375P-00. [ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy] If I purchase new unit how difficult is it to replace?

I tried following the many wires from the power unit but some seem to disappear somewhere inside computer frame . Does Dell supply new power supply units.


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Re: Won't start XPS 410


The XPS410/9200 systems do not use a Dell proprietary power supply, you can use most standard ATX power supplies with either, a 24-pin or 20+4-pin, main motherboard power connector.

This system has an open back panel, a power supply with or without the on/off switch can be used.

Note: You need a power supply, with six SATA power connectors.

You should be able buy a suitable power supply from most local and online computer stores.

Or, you can buy a Dell OEM refurbished XPS410/Dimension 9200 power supply from here:


The procedures for replacing the power supply are here:






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