XFX 6800XT Update Problem

I have an XFX 6800XT video card. I've put it in two computers and on both systems (Dell XPS 400, Built AMD 3700) when I update to the lastest drivers (93.71), both computers will not boot. They will just keep rebooting. The drivers that come with the card (84.21) work fine, but I want the lastest drivers. XFX support is telling me that nVidia knows about this issue and it should be fixed in another update. I haven't read anyone else having this issue. Has anyone heard of this???



Message from XFX:

Hi Tony, if the issues only appear when using a newer driver I would recommend sticking with an older driver. The issue you`re experiencing is a known issue with some of the 6 serieis cards. Nvidia is aware of it and it should be corrected in a future driver. For the time being I would recommend sticking with the 84.21 drivers found here http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_84.21.html . Also thanks for providing your serial number I have added it to our notes. Regards, Daniel
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Re: XFX 6800XT Update Problem

The XFX guy is right - stick to the driver that works until nvidia addresses the issue in a future driver - there is nothing else you can do about it.
The main reason why you would want to update to 93.71 would be if you had video/perrformance issues with the older driver, but unfortunately in your case it is the other way around, so ... just be patient until they fix it.
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