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XPS 18 Awakening

I just bought this computer.  Despite my repeated attempts to establish a power plan and turn off the switches which require a password to waken, my screen goes to sleep in exactly one minute, shows the screen saver -- a very beautiful shell -- and refuses to let me continue to work unless I type in my long password.  This is maddening.  I've been on the phone twice with Technical Support.   They are very nice, but we are at the point of returning to factory settings.  Can anyone help before I have to go through the tedious reloading required?

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RE: XPS 18 Awakening

Hi Henry75,

We understand how frustrating something like that can be when you are trying to work on your computer. Click on the Micorosft link below for a resolution to the issue you are facing.


As per steps mentioned in the link above, in Windows 8 Preferences, under Screen Saver, there is a little box which needs to be unchecked for "after resume, go to Login Screen". 

Please try the steps mentioned in the link and let us know if further help is needed.

Babita S
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