I currently have a 2GB of memory on my XPS 200. I recently bought 2 more GB of memory but have no Idea how to install it. Could someone help guide me through it. I already tried slipping them onto the slots. when I turn on my computer it gives me two options. One is to continue to boot by pressing f1 and the other option is to go to setup by pressing f2. When I read the instructions on installing the memory it says that it is recommended that I update my BIOS. Is that necessary? Is there a BIOS update for my computer? If so how do I update it? I don't want to make a mistake and then make my computer in-operable. If anyone could answer my questions I would greatly appreciate it. I thought it would be easier. Thank you

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The latest BIOS version released for XPS 200 was A07. In order to update the BIOS, download the .exe file by clicking download file and then run the .exe file to install it.

**NOTE: Few things to ensure before updating the BIOS is, the power cable should be plugged in and not to pulled off while updating BIOS. No other external peripherals should be connected to the computer. Please ensure that the BIOS update should not be interrupted else it would damage the motherboard. 

Maximum memory supported by XPS 200 is 4GB (2x2GB memory modules). If you have already installed the memory modules, check if the 4GB memory is detected in BIOS. To enter BIOS restart the computer and keep tapping F2 key. If it is detected, boot the computer into Windows and check if windows detected 4GB memory. 

Please write back if you have any further queries. 


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