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XPS 210 whirring noise

My XPS 210 is working fine, but the case makes a light whirring noise.  With my last Dell computer (regular sized tower), that usually meant the inside needed to be cleaned out.  Once I blew all the dust out of the inside and the fan, the whirring noise was gone.  The trouble with the 210 is that the case is compact...when I get in there to blow out the dust, there's no way to get to the fan because it's entirely encased from what I can see...so when I've finished cleaning out the dust, it starts to make the whirring noise again.  Is there a better way to get all dust out of the inside of this small case?  Or is the whirring sound a sign of another problem?  Any help would be SO appreciated.

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Re: XPS 210 whirring noise

I presume the "whirring noise" is the sound of a fan.  You didn't say if the noise started recently or has always been there.

The fans will run faster if the system is hot and/or dirty.  So cleaning it out was a good idea.  Normally you can follow the instructions in the Dell service manuals if you really want to get to or remove any component.

Other things to check:

1. The sound is not from a CD/DVD drive.  If you leave a disc in there, they can make a sound like a fan when spinning.

2. It is not the HD.

Try to locate the sound to determine where it is coming from.  That will help diagnose the issue.

You can also try something like PC Wizard (free) to see the CPU temps (for newer Intel processors) to see if the machine is actually hot.


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