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XPS 400 Hard Drive Failures.

In the last 2 months, i've had a total of 3 Hard drives die in my XPS 400. 1 which was my original that lasted for 2 1/2 years before it crashed. Then i went and got a Seagate 700 gb Sata hard drive, and freshly installed the Operating system and all the drivers. This new drive lasted about a week or two. I figured the hard drive i got must have been faulty, so i got another hard drive, did the installation on that one, and that one lasted less then a day. Both failures left the 2 & 3 indicators lit on the front of the computer which would be a hard drive failure.

I just want to see if anyone has any ideas on what could be causing this, because 1 faulty hard drive is bad luck, but two is indication of another problem.


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Re: XPS 400 Hard Drive Failures.

One thing you might want to check is this notice from Seagate:  Firmware Recommendations.  Seagate has evidently had some problems with failures due to firmware.  The knowledge base article referenced should explain how to determine if your drive models are affected.

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