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XPS 420 ReaperX pc2 6400 memory upgrade

I have 4gb memory in my dell xps 420 and want to know if it is possible to upgrade to the reaperX pc2 6400, 2 x 2GB modules as they are now selling cheap at my local pc store, the reason why i am asking this is after reading some forums with confusing answers to whether or not the 2 x2 gb modules will be a problem, I have also noted in one of the forums that they have stated that ocz reaper x are 1.8v as this is not true as they are stating on their website that they are 2.1v, will this be a problem, please help and let mke know if there is a solution and will they work as they look awesome and also later if I goto 64 bit I can add another 2 of these.

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Re: XPS 420 ReaperX pc2 6400 memory upgrade


All of the other stuff is secondary to the fact that your RAM will only operate at the speed of the Slowest chip n your MOBO. If you are going faster, pitch the old ram.


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Re: XPS 420 ReaperX pc2 6400 memory upgrade

I am running 4 2gb mushkin sticks with 64-bit vista. 2 gb sticks do indeed work fine, but I can't vouch for the reapers. 

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Re: XPS 420 ReaperX pc2 6400 memory upgrade

The memory will run at the voltage that the motherboard supplies. If the board correctly reads the SPD on the ram sticks and sees that it want 2.1v then it will supply it. If not then the board will supply the standard 1.8v. The result will be a lower timing rate.

The 420 board is as picky as the 700/710/720 boards with voltage when using all four slots. 

Another factor is these stick are EPP certified and the 420 bios has no option to enable that function on then sticks. It is my feeling that the sticks will work however they will run at the lower specs and at 1.8v 

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