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Re: XPS 420 SATA RAID and drive failing

@Davet50 wrote:
Chris M posted an answer to this...performance enchanments and support for Yorkfield processors

Ah, great, thanks. Fingers very firmly crossed then!
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Re: XPS 420 SATA RAID and drive failing



 Location: Malvern UK  


Thought I would just join the club (unwillingly).


I have XPS 420 Dual Samsung HD321KJ in RAID(0) - Vista Home Premium


Been running for 2.5 months, get lockups nearly every day - spinning blue icon in Vista.  It can happen at any time - totally random.


Also, sometimes get BSOD with generic 00000008086 error.


I then have to reboot and get the "Press Ctrl-I to enter config utility" where the system hangs for about 5 minutes and then attempts to start Windows.  I then get options to "Launch Startup Repair" which apparently fails and can't find a problem, but usually allows me to get back to desktop.


I have just applies Samsung upgrade and Firmware A04 - so fingers crossed that all is now resolved. 

 This is driving me totally crazy!!!!  I spend an hour every day messing about trying to get my computer to desktop.  It is not accesptable, the support team were clueless when i called and went through the normal scripted stuff and denied that anyone else has this issue (when clearly hundreds - if not thousands do!!!!).
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Re: XPS 420 SATA RAID and drive failing

The Samsung upgrade fixed mine. Best thing about living in the UK is the great Dell customer care... or lack of customer care should I say.


Don't expect anything in the way of an apology from Dell for the trouble you have had or lost work when it locks up.

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Re: XPS 420 SATA RAID and drive failing

@Seajays wrote:

Has anybody seen any connection with having a CD mounted in the drive and the frequency of failures?


I often leave a CD in the drive (e.g. after playing games etc), and don't remove them. I noticed that the RAID array was failing almost every day when I was leaving them in there, but now I've taken out the CD disk and it hasn't failed for a few days again.


Maybe just coincidence of course.

I had just the same when I left my external HDD running on a re-boot. It seemed as though Vista tried to boot from the external HDD got in a tizzy so I had to do a hard power down; and then needed to re-set the RAID array back to a known good base (I surmise this because a small change I had made to one setting minutes before was lost after the re-boot). Pain! It took hours for the raid drive to re-sync. Can this all be fixed in the BIOS settings, I wonder? It is a pain having to remember to take out disks, switch off external drives. And sometimes an update will force a re-boot even whhen the machine is unattended.

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