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XPS 420 with a 24" 1080p Monitor

Yesterday I bought a Dell S2409 24" 1080p monitor for my PC. I have a Dell XPS 420 that I bought earlier in the year. Will it be able to run in the proper resolution, which is 1920x1080? It has a Q6600, 2GB RAM and 8800GT.
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Re: XPS 420 with a 24" 1080p Monitor

The resoultion is determined by your video card. Most newer cards will support that resolultion. What do you have for a video card.

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Re: XPS 420 with a 24" 1080p Monitor

Dell's manual for the 8800 GT does not list 1900x1080; however, it's very possible that the card will support that resolution with a newer nVidia driver update.  My 9800 GT does support 1900x1080 and it's basically about the same card as the 8800.
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Re: XPS 420 with a 24" 1080p Monitor

The 8800gt that came with my 420 does indeed allow 1920x1080. I actually use the 1920x1200, as my Gateway 24"  allows for that resolution.

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