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XPS 430 Won't recognize new Graphics Board

How do I know which boards the 430 will accept?

I have the XPS 430, and needed replace the old graphics board which went out. I purchased the ASUS HD 6450, however it seems the computer won't properly recognize it, and thinks its a "standard VGA card".

It does require PCIe slot, which the 430 has...

the only thing which may be an issue is that the new graphics card wants a 450w p/s, and the original one is 375 watts. Would this make it work in standard vga mode, and not the higher end graphics mode?

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RE: XPS 430 Won't recognize new Graphics Board


Below is the bus topology for the xps 420,  You may want to upgrade the power supply. 

The Bus for the 6450 video card is PCI Express 2.1 x16

VIDEO-PCI Express Gen2 x16

Bus type One PCIe™ x16
One PCIe x4/x8
two PCIe x1
two PCI
Connector Two
Connector size 124 pins
Connector data width (maximum) 32 bit, version 2.2
Bus speed 33 MHz
PCI Express
Connector Two x1
Connector size 36 pins
Connector data width (maximum) One PCI Express lane
Bus throughput 1 GB/s
PCI Express
Connector One x16
Connector size 164 pins
Connector data width (maximum) 16 PCI Express lanes
Bus throughput 16 GB/s
PCI Express
Connector one x8 (electrically configured for an x4 card)
Connector size 98 pins
Connector data width (maximum) 8 PCI Express lanes
Bus throughput 2 GB/s

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RE: XPS 430 Won't recognize new Graphics Board

Standard VGA means you havent installed the RADEON Legacy Drivers.  Current Drivers DO NOT and WILL NOT work for the Radeon HD 5000 6000 7000 8000 series because these cards are end of life.

AMD Radeon™ Software Support for Legacy Graphics Products

AMD Radeon™ R5 235X, Radeon™ R5 235, Radeon™ R5 230, Radeon™ R5 220, Radeon™​ HD 8470, Radeon™ HD 8350, Radeon™ HD 8000 (​D/G variants), Radeon™ HD 7000 Series (HD 7600 and below), Radeon™ HD 6000 Series, and Radeon™ HD 5000 Series Graphics products have been moved to a legacy support model and no additional driver releases are planned. This change enables us to dedicate valuable engineering resources to developing new features and enhancements for graphics products based on the​ GCN Architecture.

32 BIT


64 bit





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