XPS 430 card upgrade

Sorry for being very thick on this....

I'm trying to get a little more life out of my XPS 430, before i am forced to buy something new. I am looking to change the graphics card from the out of the box card to something around 2gb and i dont want to have to change the psu as well, so need it to be able to run off what its got. However as per when i tried to upgrade the RAM, i got it completely wrong and something incompatible.

Can anyone advise if this would be ok, or something similar for roughly the same amount that would work:

MSI GeForce GT 710 Passive Silent 2GB

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RE: XPS 430 card upgrade

Let me walk you through my steps...

* I went to google
* I searched for, "power supply requirement MSI GeForce GT 710 Passive Silent 2GB"
* I clicked the second link, "GeForce GT 710 | Specifications | GeForce"
* At the bottom it states, "Minimum System Power Requirement (W) 300"

So the XPS 430 375w power supply should suffice. Review the XPS 430 Service Manual for installation instructions.

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