XPS 435/9000 and Nvidia Geforce GT740 graphic card?

My XPS 435/9000 with an (i7 quad core processor 920) desktop originally came with an Nvidia Geforce GT220 GDDR3 graphics card.  I have been having video issues so I just purchased an (PNY) Nvidia Geforce GT740 DDR3, thinking this card would be an upgrade.  (I have an HP Pavilion 27xi monitor).

Maybe I was expecting too much, but to me it seems like the quality of the picture with the new card is not as good as the original card???  I swear I was getting 2560 x 1440 resolution originally, but I can only get 1920 x 1080 now?  It says that is the "native resolution".

Thoughts?  I don't game on my computer... mostly office stuff and videos etc...

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RE: XPS 435/9000 and Nvidia Geforce GT740 graphic card?

Both cards are capable of higher resolutions, but your monitor is only a 1080p monitor so that is the max resolution.  Its possible some settings like cleartype were reset when you swapped graphics cards as well.  I would try adjusting them to see if that helps, even go so far as to download the latest NVIDIA drivers.

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RE: XPS 435/9000 and Nvidia Geforce GT740 graphic card?

2560 x 1440  Digital  is fine for DVI or Display port

HOWEVER   1920 x 1080 is the maximum you can do on VGA analog.

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