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XPS 435MT random boot issues: "checkpoint [D2]"


A month or two ago I posted a message on this board concerning problems I was having with my XPS 435MT system.  In a nutshell, every few weeks, it would either (a) temporarily fail to boot, and would restart several times before Windows fully loaded; or (b) randomly reboot while Windows was running.  When either of these things happened, Windows would load successfully after a few attempts as if nothing had happened, but I would get a message stating that "previous attempts at booting this system had failed at checkpoint [D4]."

I called Dell and the rep I spoke with ran the usual diagnostics.  Nothing was wrong with the RAM, motherboard, etc.  She told me that the error message I had seen could be indicative of a problem with the hard drive, but I ran diagnostics on the hard drive and did not see anything wrong.  I didn't have the time to continue the call after about 90 minutes, but was told to call back if I had recurring issues.

After speaking to the tech, I disconnected a USB external hard drive from my system, which had been giving me random problems for about a month prior.  That seemed to fix the issue.

However, a couple of weeks ago, the booting problem returned, although I was not able to see the error message before Windows loaded.  Then, the day before yesterday, the computer rebooted while I was typing an e-mail message.  By the time Windows loaded normally, I was able to spot the error code--different this time:  "Previous attempts at booting this system have failed at checkpoint [D2]."  True to form, the issue hasn't resurfaced since.

I plan to call Dell tomorrow morning to troubleshoot more, but I wanted to see in the meantime if anyone knew what a "checkpoint [D2]" error is indicative of.



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Doing a google search for the checkpoint D2 error message most suggest possible memory issues.  With the PC powered off, reseat (unplug then plugback in) the memory modules and see if that helps.

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