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XPS 435T Memory upgrade issues

Hey, I just upgraded my memory from 12gb factory installed to 24 gb DDR3 ram (4gb .6) bought from dell as well as upgraded my HDD and OS to Windows 7 Ultimate (authenticated).  Windows is reporting 24 gb installed but only 16 gb usable.  Wjen I go into the bios (rev 16A) it is reporting only 16gb ????  I know Dell specs said this machine was upgradable to 24gb so now what???? there is nothing in the bios I can find to manipulate ram settings at all.  I did go from 1066 speed to 1333.  This was a lot of money to Dell for an upgrade they advertised was supported so any ideas how to get the machine to address what it is supposed to addressable?  Of course the machine is like a month or so out of warrenty so I don't see getting much help from Dell directly on this.

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Mary G
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Re: XPS 435T Memory upgrade issues

The latest (and last) bios is 1.1.4. It's here-- www.dell.com/.../DriverFileFormats

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RE: XPS 435T Memory upgrade issues

JWBOCHARD,  Curious if you got resolution to the issue of total installed RAM not being recognized in BIOS?


I also have XPS 435T 9000 and upgraded to 24GB DDR3, but inconsistent recognition of RAM by different tools:

  - BIOS (A16) reports 16GB installed and 16GB available

  - Windows 8.1 System screen reports:  Installed memory:  24.0GB (16.0 GB usable).

I have reseated the RAM and confirmed the install followed instructions, but no change.

I also confirmed within msconfig utility that "Maximum Memory" option is unchecked. 

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RE: XPS 435T Memory upgrade issues


A old thread I know.

It is correct as you see it in the BIOS. It is a dell "thing" or possibly Windows. Not up to date with Windows 8.1. Windows 7 shows in the performance and information section in control panel, what your memory is used for or allocated.

Find this section in W-8.1 and most likely it will show you that the rest is "available" on demand.

Noticed this on my own Studio XPS 435T-9000 after a rebuild and the installation of A16 BIOS which appears to be BETA in form. I have 8GB of memory, showing that 4GB is available. 4x2GB Micron double rank.

Windows has concentrated on fast boot up times, you see your Dell splash screen barely show on boot is a example.  

On my rebuild, a clean install of Windows, using all Windows 7 drivers. There is not the "thunder" as before, when you light it up at first, but it is fast. The SSD drive makes it happen. Times change.

Hope it helps.

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RE: XPS 435T Memory upgrade issues

Different versions of Windows limit maximum memory.  See Memory Limits for Windows... on Microsoft's MSDN site for imposed limits.

Also, memory sticks must be in threes and grouped in odd or even slots, per manual, since it's tri-channel memory. 

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