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XPS 435t / 9000 Power Supply Fan Replacement Completed

Although it is risky and not recommended, PWS fan replacement can be possible. I did not have $275 to replace my power supply because of a dying fan. If you attempt anything similar, be warned, opening a power supply could be fatal if done incorrectly.  After unscrewing the cover screws and taking off the top cover on the PWS, I was able to remove the top 2 screws located to either side of the fan that hold the green circuit board to the PWS and remove the 4 screws holding the fan to the PWS. Removing the fan by sliding to the left or right was not possible because of metal edges and the circuit board would not lift high enough to provide clearance. However, after you have removed those 6 screws and unplugged the fan's 2 wire plug, you can force the "wall" of the PWS shell towards you (if you are facing the fan location) which should give enough clearance to pull the fan straight up and out (NOT to either side). You should have a replacement fan of the same size and type but you might need to solder or replace the plug onto the new fan wires. After doing just that, I was able to then slip the new replacement fan down into the PWS and replace the 6 screws, plug in the 2 wire plug and then replace the cover and of course reattach all necessary cables back into the PC. I now have a working and very quite functional PWS and all I had to spend was $15 and have a little guts. Again, I do stress, without proper experience, you should never open a PWS and of course I take no responsibility for anyone's attempts to do so.... but I did and lived to type about it.