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XPS 630 Blinking hard drive light

My hard drive light blinks continuously.  Even when the pc should be idle (idle system processes 99%).  Is this Normal?

Steps I have taken to stop it:

Uninstalled Google Desktop

Unistalled Dell EULA....

Uninstalled McAfee

Have not put any new software on

The only 2 things starting up is Nvidia programs

Turned off Indexing, system restore, MS updates and MS Firewall (I am behind a Nat Firewall)

Browser in Services

It blinks in safe mode and  Safe mode with networking.

Called Dell support  and the light did stop blinking after verifying through diagnostic (before Windows starts up) the Hard drive is fine.

Blinks with the network cord unplugged.

It acts like a "normal" hard drive light when it is booting.  I would expect to blink and sometimes be almost solid which it does.


Thank you in advance for any answers!!


What I have: 

1 223-5584 XPS 630, Intel Core2 processorE8400 (3.0 GHz,1333FSB) w/Dual Core Technology and 6MB cache

1 313-6079 Red Bezel Chassis

1 311-8292 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz

1 310-8028 Dell Enhanced Multimedia USB Keyboard

1 320-6313 NO DISPLAY

1 320-6362 Dual 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT

1 341-6286 500GB NCQ SATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM) w/ 16MB DataBurst Cache

1 412-0688 Image Restore

1 420-4927 Windows Media Player 10

1 420-7975 Microsoft Windows XP Pro,ENG

1 420-5769 Internet Search and Portal

1 420-5924 Icon Consolidation Application

1 330-0283 Dell Resource DVD with Application Backup

1 310-9573 Dell 2-Button Optical Mouse


1 313-6082 48X Combo and 16X DVD+/-RW

1 420-7205 Power DVD 7.0

1 420-7206 6 Channel,Dolby,PDVD,7.0

1 420-6464 Roxio Creator Basic

1 313-2758 Integrated Audio

1 313-6139 Dell A525 30 Watt 2.1 stereo speakers w/subwoofer 45Hz-20Khz

1 410-1800 McAfee Security 9.0, 2-Year Subscription

1 412-0148 No Internet Service Provider Requested

1 420-8103 Microsoft Works 9.0, English

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Re: XPS 630 Blinking hard drive light

I have a fairly similar setup on my 630i as you do but I have a 160GB Raptor, and I started the same thread here.


Of course no one knows what to make of this and every computer I have ever owned and still own has never done anyting like this...makes me kinda nervous that something is spinning the drive constantly...Smiley Sad





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Re: XPS 630 Blinking hard drive light

My hard drive light is always blinking to.  Something is writing to the hard disk, and I havent figured out why.

You can download a programs called Diskmon at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896646.aspx and see the contant write activity.  I also have turned off indexing, and most everything else, just to see, and the write activity is still going on !Smiley Mad

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Re: XPS 630 Blinking hard drive light


I downloaded  File Monitor from: 




Explorer.exe, csrss.exe and svchost.exe is hitting the hd a lot on my 630.

Can't kill Explorer.exe.  Found several websites that said:

"csrss.exe is the main executable for the Microsoft Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem. This process manages most graphical commands in Windows. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated."

svchost.exe is also normal part of Windows XP.


I have a home built computer that I am on right now.  The hd light doesn't blink all the time.  Guess what?  Explorer.exe, csrss.exe and many others are hitting the hd and per File Monitor. 


Both of my Sons have 2 year old XPS's and my youngest pointed that both of their hd lights blink all the time.


It would be nice if Dell could officially say the blinking hd light is normal.

But I am no longer worrying about the continuously blinking hd light.



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Re: XPS 630 Blinking hard drive light

I agree.  It would be nice to hear a response from Dell.  If it's normal, I'd also like a reason why they designed it to flash like that.  I've never owned a computer that did that either.

Re: XPS 630 Blinking hard drive light


* Read this

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Re: XPS 630 Blinking hard drive light

Just purchased and XPS 630i with Radon 4800 3D card, and the hard disk light blinks once per second, in addition to blinking every time the hard disk is accessed.  I was told not to worry, that this is normal operation for this particular computer. 

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Re: XPS 630 Blinking hard drive light

Take a look at this page:


The power light illuminates or remains solid to indicate different states:

          o No light — The computer is turned off.
          o White light— The computer is in a normal operating state.
          o Blinking white light— The computer is in a power-saving state.

To exit from a power-saving state, press the power button or use the keyboard or mouse if it is configured as a wake device in the Windows Device Manager. For more information about sleep states and exiting from a power-saving state, see Power Management.

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Re: XPS 630 Blinking hard drive light

Starr23: That's the power light, not the hard drive light.


Chris M: None of those links work any more, unfortunately.  Can you point us to the new URLs for those threads?

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Re: XPS 630 Blinking hard drive light

That is the power light, not the power button.

The link does work, you have to select, copy, then paste it into your address bar.

These posts seem to not recognize hyper links.


Here is the link again.


Link to 630 owner manual online

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>



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