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Re: XPS 630 General Hardware Discussion thread

Windows 7 does recognize the exFat format on the thumbdrive, the problem is, the PC won't get past the dell splash screen during the bios post if the exFat formatted thumbdrive is plugged in during power on.  The progress bar only gets about half way then freezes.  When the thumbdrive is formatted to NTFS, and is plugged in during power on, it starts up normally.




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Re: XPS 630 General Hardware Discussion thread

Then it must be the BIOS that does not recognise the exFAT format of the USB drive, and so does not know what to do about it and stops. I assume you have the last BIOS firmware issued for the 630, rev. 13.  Not many people use exFAT even now and it was hardly known about when the 630 came out, so probably it has not been taken into account in the BIOS firmware. Since the 630 has been taken off the market, I doubt that Dell would consider issuing a new update. But you could ask them.

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Re: XPS 630 General Hardware Discussion thread


Could you explain it more clearly? Where is its documentation? I'm a beginner.
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Re: XPS 630 General Hardware Discussion thread

Hi. I have a Dell XPS 630i which has strangely stopped on the BIOS screen. I'm currently using the most current BIOS and when I turned it on for the second time this morning, the BIOS halts as the blue progress bar is about halfway. It was working earlier this morning - ie I didn't do any hardware or software changes this morning so not much idea on the cause.

I did clean the 2 fans at the front of the case this weekend due to dust but they seem to be running except for making some noise.

Any ideas on what has caused this issue? I'm thinking a hardware fault but not sure what is causing it. I do know know I can still enter the BIOS by pressing F2.

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RE: XPS 630 General Hardware Discussion thread

I wanted to update my Desktop  I have an XPS 630.  I would like to upgrade the Processor and the Video Card.  What are the 2 highest ones I can upgrade to?

Thank You for any answers

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