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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

Well, that old adage or proverb, "...look for trouble and you'll find it..." seems to apply here. I recently purchased an XPS 630i around June 1st 2008 (at work and dont know the specs offhand aside from it running XP Pro with 4 GB Cor RAM and a Q6600 2.4 GHz Quad Core (not overclocked)).


There aren't any problems. I haven't tried to change the front lights, as I wasn't really interested in them, but there aren't any issues with the fans or hardware lockups or any BSOD. So far (knock on wood) I guess I've been fortunate. However, for some reason today, I decided to poke around and found this forum and this thread (I did do a little reasearch on the 630i before I made the purchase and remember there being an issue with the lights). Well, I must say I wasn't expecting all this.


During lunch I ran home really quick and found that my 630i has a "heartbeat" as well (the HD LED is blinking almost rhythmically). I plan to look more into it later using Diskmon and other tools. I do have the McAfee software still running on the system (factory install) so I may remove that just to test. I was tinkering with the nVida Control Panel when I first got the system but everything seems status quo so far aside from the LED. Another thing is the fact that the system was on only for 5 minutes when I went home for lunch so there could have been processes running in the background collecting updates (Windows updater and McAfee come to mind) causing the HD to be active. I'll post something if I notice the LED stop eventually after my system has been online and idle for a bit.


One thing I did notice before and wondered until I came to this forum was why the autorun function for my DVD drives was not working. I had been meaning to go into the registry to take a look at the setting but I'm not terribly big on the autorun to begin with, so it never was a huge question as to why it didnt work. I'm guessing now that Dell disabled my system's autorun in production...


Just a side thought, could the issues be stemming from the XP to Vista upgrade program Dell is offering on these systems? I simply have XP Pro (trying to avoid Vista like the plague as long as possible). Could the systems with the mix of both Windows OS be having the worst of issues? I mean, who's to say for sure what type of extra goodies Vista has stuffed into it that we don't know about yet?

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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

Makengee, I had the same problem with the autorun feature not working. I spent about an hour with a Dell tech on the phone, and he couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.  After reading this forum, I learned that if you uninstall PowerDvd, auto run starts working, at least it worked for me.


As far as the blinking light goes, I was told by an XPS tech that it was normal. I have noticed that when the HD is working hard (like when you reboot) the light is on almost constant, but normally, it just flashes about once a second or so.


My wife has a Dell laptop with a light and I think it does the same thing. The light just isn't so bright and noticeable as on the 630I

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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

Hi we have any update on a fix for this issue?? I know you guys are working hard on this, but it's been a while now...


Thanks again. 

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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time


Nothing that can be released.



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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

I open up Task Manager to see if anything was running in the back ground ( nothing was ) and noticed that the HDD light blinks at the same beat as the CPU and Page File usage history graph ticks. Not sure if this has anything to do with the problem or not. Just thought it was strange.
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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

I don't think you need to uninstall PowerDVD.  It starts a program in startup (not the startup folder but in the registry) called PDVDDXSRV.exe.  I found if you kill this process in Task manager or more permanently in the startup tab of MSCONFIG you get back autorun.  I have found it also removed problems I had with burning software ImgBurn for DVD/CD writing.



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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

In Task Manager, View menu, Update speed, you can change the refresh (update) rate of those graphs and same for prodcesses tab; you can also pause the update. Changing that setting does not affect the frequency of the HD activity LED blink. So I'm sure that there is no connection.

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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

 I don't have a Dell XPS 630, but I do have a 650i motherboard, and have had this problem as well.


 If you're willing to do without Autorun, this may work for those with the blinking LED, it did for me.



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SYSTEM->CurrentControlSet->Services->Cdrom and change AutoRun to 0 this will disable Auto Insert Notification.

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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

I Have The Same Problem On My Dell XPS 630I With Linux (Open Source Linux Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 3) So I Don't Think That This Is Microsoft Windows Related, Just FYI.
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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

Correction: I used 2 have this problem in Linux when I installed Myth TV 4 Ubuntu (it would stay on all the time after installing it, most likely because that causes SQL Server 4 Linux 2 be installed), but the Nvidia ESA Firmware Update fixed that problem, now it only blinks every 3-5 seconds, just fyi.