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XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

Post the following -
* Is windows indexing turned off (Y/N)
* What other troubleshooting have you tried?



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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time



Indexing is NOT running on my system.  The HDD light flashes constantly.  I cannot hear the drive spinning so I assume it is not being accessed, however I have never owned a computer where the HDD light flashes constantly.  I'm talking about 6 previous Dell's, an HP, and two builds. 


As for other troubleshooting, I've tried killing processes one at a time to see if any of them were accessing the HDD.  I have noticed no difference. 


It would be nice if we can get a straight answer on this issue.  Is it normal or not?  If it's normal, an explanation would be in order as to why the light flashes unlike all other computers. 


Thank You

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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

I am in the same position, the light flashes intermitantly and I've switched indexing off and systematically been through my prossess to try and find what is interacting with the drives, but still there seems to be activity. I am concerned the drive is always spinning which is both a waste of power and reducing the drives life considerably.


For your info:


Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz

2 x nVidia 8800GTs in SLI

2 x 320Gb 7200rpm HDD (in a RAID Stripe)

X-Fi Soundcard

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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

what is indexing?


My hard drive is incrediably slow....but I haven't had time to look into it yet.

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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time


I have mine turned off.  It's a little tricky sometimes to stop.  I had a problem on another computer with it starting itself again after reboot.  If you have trouble shutting it down, post here and I'll go through a step by step.



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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

I posted this issue about a week ago here.


I have the WD Raptor

Running BIOS 1.0.4


I have disabled the indexing service

Uninstalled Antivirus

Installed Diskmon - if you minimize it to the tray it will blink when the hard drive is being used. But I noticed the XPS 630i lights up more often then the Diskmon light. That tells me that most likely this is some BIOS phenomenom or something related to the motherboard. It doesn't appear the HD is being accessed. 



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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

The HDD LED on my 630i has blinked continuously since I first received it.  I have not turned Windows indexing on or off so it should be like it was shipped from Dell.  I also do not have the 100% fan issue but I have not overclocked the system.  I have changed the color of the front LED's.

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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

Come to think of it, this has been happening with my XPS 720 H2C as well. Any commonality? What should we be worried about.
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XPS 730 H2C

Windows Vista Home Edition 32 bit
Intel Core2 Quad Extreme; QX9770 Processor (12MB L2 cache, 3.8GHz, 1600FSB)
4 GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
Dual GTX 295's Quad-SLI enabled
750GB (X2) & 500GB SATA Hard Drives (7200RPM)
16X DVD+/-RW (X2) optical drives
19 in 1 Media Card Reader with Bluetooth
Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic PCI Sound Card
SP2208WFP 22 inch monitor
BIOS 1.0.6

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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time

I have a theory.... I think the HDD light is plugged into - thats right - the Master I/O board of 100%/unadjustable/wierd lighting fame. I havent been able to verify this yet as I'm busy with exams today. If anyone gets a chance to pop the cover and track the HDD LED wire back to source can you let us know what you find. My spidey sense is telling me its the master I/O board which appears to be a law unto itself.
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Re: XPS 630 HDD LED blinking all the time


I found this on the Vista board posted by an extremely reliable source..

I have posted to get a reference link. this could be the best explanation yet...



Did you know that Vista defrags all drives automatically by default, if the PC is left on and is not being used.

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