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XPS 630 and Windows 8.1

I was given an XPS 630i from one of my dad's coworkers who got it from their neighbor when they upgraded. He claimed it needed an OS but otherwise worked fine. There are no re-installation discs (it ran Vista), and because I don't know the name of the original owner, I can't get a copy of the discs from Dell. I figured that if I was going to need a new OS anyway, I might as well replace the hard drive too, but now I run into a problem:

Can the XPS 630i handle Windows 8.1 without major internal changes? I don't have the money to drop on parts or a new machine but have saved up for the OS in hopes I could get an answer before I went ahead and bought it.

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RE: XPS 630 and Windows 8.1

It probably will run the 64-bit version of Win 8.1. Ordinarily, you'd download and run the free Win 8 upgrade advisor from Microsoft to see what/any problems might occur, but without an OS on the system now, you can't do that.

You should be able to download a Win 8.1 .iso file which will allow you to create a bootable DVD or USB stick that can be used to install Win 8.1 on the XPS 630i. (Read this.)  

It should give you ~30 days to see if things work correctly before it insists on a valid Win 8.1 product key, which you will have to buy.


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RE: XPS 630 and Windows 8.1

We have had a few people report a successful install of Windows 7/8.1 64 Bit on this model. The system drivers are here:


Although many will be inbuilt with Windows 8.1 64 Bit. If you use the Windows 8.1 media creation tool to download a Windows 8.1 .iso (Core) and install with a generic product key. This will allow for a small evaluation period with a few nags about product activation. If satisfied you can simply go out and buy Windows 8.1 and input the product key and activate.

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