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XPS 700 Heatsink for XPS 420

Hi @ all.

I've just bought a XPS 700 Case for my XPS 420 (I think it looks cooler)

Now the problem, I don't know how to use the normal Heatsink of the XPS 420 in my new case, so I decided to buy the one out of a XPS 700 (matches to the case), but is it possible to make it fit together?

I think the old one wont fit because it consits 2 parts, the fan and the normal heatsink, the one out of the 700 is all-in-one.

I've seen some pictures already, it looks so, but I'm not shure.


Thanks already would be happy about your answers.

Do you know weather the XPS 420 mobo support the new Q9650?


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