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XPS 710 wont boot or start

I have a XPS 710.  When I hit the power button it starts the fans up for about 1 second, then nothing.  No lights, no beeps.  Inside the case, i see that the cpu, video and case fans all start for a second.  My initial thought was power supply since I change it 3 months earlier when the original power supply died (after 3.5 years).  I replaced power supply again, no changes.  No beeps, no lights (of course button lights when you first hit it).  

I removed all components.  Being Video Card.  unplugged all hard drives, DVD drives, etc.  removed memory looking for beep errors.  Nothing.  

My thought is it is the mother board.  If so I will build a pc and not buy another dell (i need the main Hard drive intact and running).  

Any thoughts/suggestions or is my theory correct?


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Re: XPS 710 wont boot or start

Based on what you have posted I would agree the motherboard is the most logical problem.

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Re: XPS 710 wont boot or start

I had the same problem ... it was the power button wiring inside the case: loose power button connection. This button is more than a simple on off switch. Once, my 710 froze during the bios phase of the boot. Had to unplug the main power cord, press the power button for 10-15 seconds, replug the the power cable & press the button again ...

Good Luck!


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