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XPS 720 H2C - blue screen error 0x000000EA

My XPS 720 H2C (dual 768Mb 8800GT running XP at 2560x1600 SLi) is getting blue screen error 0x000000EA within a few minutes of logging in. The fault occurs in nv4_disp.dll.

Before the blue screen, I often get severe graphic issues such as random green & pink horizontal lines, evenly spaced green dots over the whole screen, mouse cursor becomes a block etc. If I have an application running the whole app stutters really badly (including sound) - it freezes for 5 or more seconds at a time.

I had relatively recent nVidia drives (v174 I think), but the issue persists after installing the current version from My chipset drivers & BIOS are up to date.

The error also occurred after 30-40 mins running in XP safe boot mode (800x600), so I'm thinking it's not likely to be a driver issue anyway. The fact that it takes longer to crash when running at low res makes me think it's a over-heating issue, but when I had the nVidia monitor running it was showing the GPU temps at 60C and 63C just before a crash.

When I look in the EventVWR, I can see the error occurring once or twice per day for the last month - it appears as SAVE DUMP at the times I nomally turn the PC on. Funny thing is I've never noticed the error happening before yesterday... perhaps it was occurring at shutdown?

My research so far indicates a hardware fault, so tonight I will open her up to reseat the video cards, SIMMs etc. and air-blast the dust out. If that doesn't help I'll try the video cards one at a time.

Is there anything else I can try?

One last (possibly irrelevant) thing - the last few days I've noticed my PSU crackle seems louder than it has been for a while. Here is a post about the crackle...

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Re: XPS 720 H2C - blue screen error 0x000000EA

Update: I reseated all cards & memory and gave it all a good clean out to no avail.

I did try the 8800 GTXs one a time and it does appear that the primary video card is defective. I'll test a little further tonight.

Was a little horrified that a replacement 8800GTX on was £431.42 - more than twice the price of a 9800GTX on the web! I wonder how my rig will perform on one card?

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Re: XPS 720 H2C - blue screen error 0x000000EA

I have the same error appearing on my system and  there seems to be a sound of frying crackling bacon from the PSU now too just slightly under load??? 

Also when i switch the computer off and then start it up it will not start only the old flashing amber light appears???

Only when it is unplugged from the wall for a while it will then start??? 

What could it be?? Anybody experience the same start up problem??

I only hope that the customer service that i am busy with will win my confidence to rectify this problem and win a customer for life?



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Re: XPS 720 H2C - blue screen error 0x000000EA

I have read a fair bit about this error.   Many people seems to happy using a fix of:

Boot in safemode
Uninstall the nvidia driver
Run driver sweeper from guru3d (removes any bits leftover)
Install the lastest nVidia driver.

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Re: XPS 720 H2C - blue screen error 0x000000EA

Your motherboard is overheating where the two heatsinks are. Especially right by the graphics cards, that heatsink there. Find some fans and cool it down then see what happens. Let me know K?