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XPS 720 graphics card power lead problem

Hi people,

I just got my first Dell PC this week!!!

I had a lucky day last Sunday when driving down he road I found a Dell XPS 720 sat by the roadside all lonely coz the previous owner decided he didnt want it anymore (Im in Australia and when people want to give stuff away that they dont want anymore they leave it outside their houses for others to take home and use/recycle. I just thought I'd mention that before anyone got the idea that it was nicked). SO.. I heaved the quite hefty bulk into the back of my car and took it home. When i had a look at it I was most pleased. Everything was there except for the hard drives, which the kind donator quite rightly removed. It has a E6600 Core 2 Duo CPU, 6gb RAM and the standard graphics card, an Nvidia 7900. It isnt the beastly quad core model but im not complaining. Anyway, I put in a spare 500gb HDD i had lying about and installed W7. I've been installing some other of my most used software to use so I can make sure its going to keep working and hasnt any problems.

But, today it popped up a window saying that the graphics card is under powered and needs its cable. I can see where it plugs in on the G-card, but cant find a cable in the PC that fits.

Can anyone help me out here? What is the cable i need? Where does it connect from? (PSU/motherboard??)

Thanks for reading.

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RE: XPS 720 graphics card power lead problem

Never mind, i RTFM and found it.

Also after having had a think about it, I may not have a XPS 720. Im thinking it may be a XPS 700. I had decided it must be a 720 after googling lots of numbers and so on I found in the PC and BIOS etc. It was after seeing windows Vista as the OE version of windows in the 720 manual. Mine has a XP sticker on the front of the unit and a XP Media Center Edition sticker on the top with the codes and Product Key.

Actually the sticker is titled Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. Is the date a reference to the year of manufacture of the PC or the software version?

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